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With uMover®, we aim to introduce an efficient, user-friendly and comfortable way of transporting between A and B in larger workspaces. Our vision is to help large companies, such as airports, in reaching their full potential, by moving their employees faster, easier and simpler – meanwhile reducing the CO2 footprint. 


uMover has 2 driving modes.

1 (8km/h) for indoor and the other (20 km/h) for outdoor. The uMover® detects where it's driving, switching the driving modes by itself thus (UD)  improving safety for everyone. 

2 Drive modes

The low platform height and shift of the HMI module, provides easy boarding and deboarding height for the benefit of the user.

Easy boarding

Connected  device

The uMover® has built-in connectivity to navigate you and show you viable vehicle status live and remotely furthermore it is easily integratable into your fleet management system.

The easy access, front and rear, and the shifted HMI module increases the safety of the uMover® and the three-wheel design eliminates the need for gyroscopes thus increasing the safety for the user

Safe & stable driving

Changeable Battery

The uMover® is electric driven. Our large lithium-ion battery provides up to 50 km drive. With our battery management system, the batteries are easy to replace with a new one and can be done in an instant.

The uMover® is one-hand controlled, giving you the freedom to use the other hand for caring a suitcase, a toolbox or what ever you find suitable.

One-hand control


Due to the uMover's smart design, you can simply drive to an escalator, step off and via our smart pulling mode bring the device up through several levels of your organization.


About us

The uMover®  is a  smart and usability-focused 3-wheel electrical vehicle for transporting people over shorter indoor and outdoor distances. The uMover® was developed during a hard tech entrepreneurship course at DTU skylab upon future mobility concept proposed by Continental AG. The uMover® targets employees who need to travel frequently within shorter distances, enabling them to become more efficient at work by easing their way of travel reducing their travel time substantially. 



Sebastian Zier

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Dr. Ing. Mechanical

Business development

Jingrui Ge

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M.SC.Eng. Mechanical

R&D: Product development team (Electronics) 

Christian Andonovski

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M.SC.Eng. Design & Innovation

R&D: Product development team (Design)



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